OLTD 502 – Final Assignment

I’ve been having a hard time getting started on my final assignment for OLTD 502.  My classmates and I have a lot of leeway with where we take the project, and I’ve found all this freedom a little incapacitating!  Here are the instructions:

Use one of the models from the readings (i.e. concerns-based adoption or transformational leadership if planning to implement technology; or an instructional design template if furthering development an implementation of a learning activity) to help you implement an online or technology-based learning activity, or build a technology implementation plan to guide integration of technology in your own setting, or a mutually agreed project to further your own learning and inquiry.

Yesterday I had the idea of creating a “self directed field trip” in which students could go out to a specified location on their own, accessing required learning objectives in the field through a mobile device such as an iPhone / iPad / android product etc.…   I wanted to find a way for students to be able to show their learning through photos, audio recordings and tweets while having the learning objectives and rubrics in a centralized “electronic environment”, such as a blog, or possibly an app.  My head was swimming with ideas, and while I’m sure this type of thing is possible, it may be outside my limited technological capabilities.  I intend to use this blog for the next couple of weeks to document my learning as I fumble toward some sort of solution to this problem and figure out what options are available to teachers interested in similar projects.

I plan on using the TPACK framework to assess what the successful implementation of this type of activity might look like, and to try and understand what considerations need to be taken in terms of content, technology and pedagogy.


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