504 Week 2 – The joys of a dynamic calendar

I have really enjoyed exploring the ins and outs of the calendar function in D2L this week.  I’ve never really used the calendar on my iPhone, and I really should be, as I constantly have to schedule the many schools I am at in my itinerant TOC life!  I used to literally take pictures of my home calendar when I went out to work to remind me of what I needed to do in the coming week. It was not the best way to coordinate and pre-book upcoming shifts.  The dynamic nature of the calendar function has been more of a game changer for me than I thought it would be in my ongoing quest to become more organized.  Just the thought of electronic reminders, and events organized in colour-coded boxes brings a smile to my face!  I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to make the switch in the coming weeks, and do away with my bad scheduling habits.


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4 responses to “504 Week 2 – The joys of a dynamic calendar”

  1. Marieke Holtkamp says :

    I think that I would be lost without my calendar. I use my Outlook calendar for everything and sync it to my phone. I love being able to look at my schedule no matter where I am. With Outlook, I have the ability to share my calendar with the rest of our staff. This enables them to find out where I have an opening and book a time to work with me. I have found that it has eliminated a lot of unnecessary emailing back and forth trying to figure out a time that works for both of us. The invite function in Outlook is fantastic and I love that they are automatically added to my calendar. I’m sure that once you start using your iPhone calendar, you’ll never look back!

  2. Andrew says :

    Hello Ben. I too am hooked on my iphone calendar. I loved that Avi’s events go straight into my calendar after he sends us an invite. I wish more people could fill out my calendar for me. This is certainly not my strong point and I am still juggling a bit with my home desk calendar and my school calendar, however, I am gradually converting and being more successful at checking my phone. One aspect I could do without, and I am sure it is just a click of a button, is having everybody’s facebook birthdays crowding up my agenda. I really don’t need to know it is my Aunt Nester’s birthday on Sat.:)
    Yes, the fiddling in D2L this week was quite interesting. Even for a veteran who considers himself pretty tech savvy, I was getting completely lost and turned around. I would spend half an hour trying to figure something out when all I needed to do was email or pick up the phone and ask Avi or Marieke. I learned this week that I am a bit stubborn when it comes to asking for help. Though for some reason I have no trouble asking for directions if I am lost:) Thanks for the post, and well done on your presentation,

  3. Jocelyn Finley says :

    Your comment about taking a picture of your calendar with your phone is hilarious. Just two weeks ago at the end of a long evening I looked at my hand where I had written some urgent reminders for the next day. I use Google calendar and it has literally taken a lot off of my mind, but notes on my hand remains my go to technology in a pinch. So there I was with notes on my hand that I knew were likely to get washed off in the shower. My solution was to take a picture of the notes and text and email the picture to myself as reminders for the next day. Tech savvy and borderline incompetent at the same time!
    Marieke has inspired me to go and check out the calendar function on outlook. It has always been available to me through work and on my personal computer but I have never used it.
    One special thing about writing notes on my hand as opposed to other methods is that my students, kindergarten, are always interested in what I have written there. I tell them crazy stories about the origins of the messages and secret codes and literate dinosaurs and then they are inspired to want to write/copy stuff and tell me a whopper in return.

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