Reflection on . / ! / ? Qualities

This post is in response to this prompt:

Investigation One: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall … Who am I really  Yes, we are talking about you. Your challenge is to take the time to reflect and look at yourself, as an (.)person, a (!) person and a (?) person. In other words, the passive and indifferent you, the dogmatic and inflexible you and the inquisitive and curious you. How do those three views of looking at the world affect your curiosity habit? Where has this created a barrier to being curious and where does it act as a motivator and spark your interest and encourage you. Knowing this about yourself, think about what you can do to change the first two and emphasize the third way of viewing the world with a growth mindset of curiosity.


I think I have a tendency to become passive in my attitudes towards anything that I am familiar with.  I have the tendency to become dogmatic in anything that I perceive to be “working” even if it may not be working as well as it could, and I’m curious of anything that isn’t working, or is novel in some way.

I have never thought of having a “curiosity habit” before, and find it odd to think of curiosity in this way.  Often I think of habits in terms of either the consumption of some product, or a set of actions, but not so much in terms of perception and thought processes.  It is an interesting idea, and something that is causing me to examine how I think about my own thinking.  I guess anything can be curious if approached from a novel direction.  Nothing is curious in and of itself I suppose, and only becomes this way when viewed through our own particular world views, formed through past experiences and social and cultural norms.  Bill Watterson sums it up quite well:

Being curious about something means questioning those practices that many may take for granted.  It can lead to innovations, successes and failures.  I think the key to a curious life is to try and live in the present moment as much as possible, devoting your attention to the experience at hand.  It is something that I will be trying to do more of in my own life, and in my teaching career.



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