5 x 5 Curiosity Challenge

This was a very interesting exercise.  I put on Animal Collective’s “Campfire Songs”, and spent the duration brainstorming, and fine tuning my ideas.  I was in a state of flow, not worrying if my initial thoughts made perfect sense, refining as I went, and trying to connect ideas as best as I could.  My initial five headings to encourage my own curiosity were to Question, Reflect, Test Assumptions, Go Deeper and Broadcast.  Using these I created a table, and started to expand on each.  This was my initial table:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.49.08 PM

After creating this first table I started to tweak things to create a logical progression from one idea to the next.  It became apparent from my brainstorming that this chart was more concerned with systems of thought than physical exploration.  I decided to restructure things so that each heading appeared twice, once on the horizontal, and once on the vertical, leading to something that was more of a matrix than a table.  I had to eliminate a number of my initial ideas to refine things, but I think everything became much stronger when simplified.


Curiosity and Problem Solving

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.49.01 PM

Going through each row and column, some have a more logical progression than others.  I’m not sure if making some of the language more generic would help with the flow, but I’m fairly happy with this as a working draft, and will hopefully add to it as I reflect on what works and what doesn’t.



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