“I Invented Nothing New”

I’m onto the second module, which is entitled “Remix, Copy, Combine and Transform”.  The prompt for this activity was as follows:

Step 1: Take a favorite poem (or song)
Step 2: Think about  how long you want to make the remixed version
Step 3: Take some scissors.
Step 4: Cut-up the original work into separate lines. Put them all in a bag.
Step 5: Shake gently.
Step 6: Next take out each cutting one after the other.
Step 7: Copy conscientiously in the order in which they left the bag.
Step 8: Share the final version.  Embellishment and rule breaking is optional and will not be penalized because we understand that there are rebels in the group!


I decided to pick the most famous They Might Be Giants song “Birdhouse in you Soul


Here is the song all cut up:IMG_4918


And here is what I ended up drawing out:



This was an interesting exercise.  I was struck by the powerlessness that I felt, giving in to the random nature that each line of the song might appear.  I felt more like a curator than a creator, and must admit, that I made a couple of redraws to suit my tastes as the poem started to come together.  I was surprised at how melancholy this rearrangement seemed to me, contrasted with the exuberant nature of the original song!


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