Copy, Combine, Transform

Onto the next activity!  Yesterday we had to pick a topic and search the web for examples of this topic.  I used an old Pinterest board a had title “things”.  My collection was of other people’s collections!

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 7.49.04 AM


After creating this we had to brainstorm a number of words to describe our topic of investigation.  My Pinterest board was originally entitled “things” but my idea that I am focusing on is collections.  Here is the results of my initial 90 second brainstorm:


Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 8.02.15 AM

I then had to select three words that I felt most represented my topic, which are highlighted in green.

From those three I had to select one, and write about it.  I selected Rules:

Behind each of these images there was a hand that collected and placed each object.  Some of these collections have objects that have been ordered in a particular way, some seem more random.  I think that the curator of each of these had reasons for the placement of each object, whether they were fully aware of them or not.  These reasons, or “rules” could be based on physical appearance, texture, time they were discovered, or any other distinguishing factor.  As observers we can deduce some of these hidden rules by searching for order in these collections.  Not all collections wear the author’s reasons on their sleeves, these rules may be obscured to a viewer, but still present in the author’s mind.

The last part of this project was to sum up my topic (collections) in 6 words, and present it using a tool I haven’t used before.  I chose haikudeck, and my 6 words are linked below:



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