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Toy Hack Part 1

I hit a few garage sales this morning to get some supplies for my toy hack this week.  I’ve been meaning to start this much earlier, but end of school activities left me with little to no time to participate in the #clmooc.  Here is part 1 of the project.  I plan on painting them tomorrow if I get some time.toyhack.part1


MakeMOOC Week #1

I’ve been lucky enough to take part in the Make MOOC which is being run through a google plus community and will be active until August 4th  It has been very inspiring seeing the many things that people have been creating, and a great way to make connections with other educators and creative people.  You can find more info about this MOOC here and the larger “making intitiative” here.

As part of my first week I changed my avatar to a cropped version of my Warhol art project I created and posted this last fall.  I also made a brief comic strip introduction.