My Learning Journey

Where Have I Been?

This author bio was on the back of a sequel to Animalia that I wrote in grade 3.  I can confirm that I still enjoy reading, playing games, and “lots of sports” to this very day.  I fear that the other titles mentioned have been lost to the sands of time, but if I stumble across them I may post some excerpts here.  My written output has increased since this time to include university papers, and comic strips on my university experiences:

Where Am I Now?

I am a second year teacher working in the Victoria and Saanich school districts.  I hold a previous degree in Psychology, and graduated from VIU’s post degree program in 2011. I live with my wife and our cat in North Saanich BC.

Where Do I Want To Get To?

I am excited about the opportunities that open learning provides to build on student’s existing knowledge of computers and all things tech related.  Our students are growing up in a world full of innovation, and it is our job to prepare them to navigate this exciting new world.  I think the best way to do this is to foster an environment where problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork are encouraged and rewarded.

In my own practice I can see myself using many web 2.0 technologies to stay connected with my students, and connect them to the many amazing resources that are out there.  While I see great benefits to be had by introducing students to distributive learning resources, I think there needs to be a balance between this and more traditional face to face time.  The social component of the classroom is something that is very hard to replicate, and something that is important in a child’s development.   I think it’s a pretty exciting time to be a teacher right now.  I have no idea what this profession will look like at the end of my career, but I’m excited to have a hand in shaping it!

How Am I Going To Get There?

One step at a time!











How Will I Know When I Arrive?


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